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What is Cottagecore Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Guide - Orezoria Aesthetic Clothing Blog

What is Cottagecore? Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Guide

You’ve probably noticed a huge growth of interest in vintage aesthetics last few years. The 80s and 90s aesthetics elements are notably used by nowadays aesthetic influencers for building their look. Old vintage elements could bring immersive, soft, and mystical touch to your outfit.

At the end of 2020, alongside Light AcademiaCottagecore Aesthetic appeared on the horizon and brightly sparkled across the internet community.
Cottagecore aesthetic is so interesting because it does not only describes the outfit and overall look of a person. it’s the aesthetic that touches your personality and your way of life.

We’ve created a full Cottagecore Aesthetic overview and the Ultimate Cottagecore aesthetic guide for you to get in touch with this aesthetic style.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is the aesthetic style that is centered on ideas of simple life, self-sufficiency, crafts, caring for living beings, and harmony with nature. The Cottagecore Aesthetic extends far beyond your outfit. it’s inspiring an overall state of being, covering everything from fashion, gardening, interior design, and art.

Cottagecore is also often called Farmcore and Countrycore, but that’s not quite accurate. This is actually an individual aesthetics.
Farmcore is based on simple living and crafts.
Countrycore is an aesthetic based on wild west and late western agricultural life.

They both are, indeed, considered as Cottagecore offshoot aesthetics.

What is Cottagecore - Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits Guide - Orezoria Aesthetic Blog

What is Cottagecore Aesthetic inspired by?

Cottagecore Aesthetic is inspired by a romanticized escape from our modern lives and embracing timeless simplicities, like – sewing your own clothes, tending the garden, local artisans’ skills and crafts, sustainable living, connection with the land, and most importantly – harmony with life itself.

Cottagecore’s main idea is to be gentle with ourselves. To do the best we can for the life that surrounds us, our homes, and for the earth – like it’s our garden.

What is Cottagecore Aesthetic inspired by - Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Guide - Orezoria Aesthetic Clothing Shop Blog

History of Cottagecore Aesthetic. Who invented Cottagecore?

The aesthetic of simple living was always in minds of modern society.

There was a fashion movement among nobles in 18th-century to build their ornamental country mansions in the style of pastoral villages.
The 19th-century crafts movement treated art, architecture, and design that involves “folk” styles and methods as an industrialization critique.

The modern aesthetic of a simple life and harmony with nature started to develop in the early 2000th with cinematography growth. In 2010th there already was a small vision for a nature-based aesthetic that continued to grow.

At the same time, in 2010th, the Japanese fashion style Mori Kei was developed. It’s inspired by living in the wilderness and nature-based clothing.

The term “Cottagecore” first appeared on Tumblr at the end of 2018 and as you may see, it started to gain its audience in 2019 and gained a maximum of Google search queries in November 2020.

Cottagecore Google Trends - History of Cottagecore Aesthetic. Who invented Cottagecore - Orezoria Aesthetic Clothes Shop

It’s no surprise that people all over the world started to think about simple life and unity with nature in 2020. COVID outbreak and climate change are definitely leading people’s thoughts to forgotten lifestyles.
People are always turning to the past to becalm the stress happening in the present.

Another fun fact is that the video game Animal Crossing greatly increased the internet community’s interest in Cottagecore aesthetic life.
Check out our Animal Crossing Collection.

How to be a Cottagecore Girl. Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits Guide.

Cottagecore Basics

  • Gentle and loving mindset.
  • Naturalistic color palette.
  • Innocence inspired by nature in everything.
  • The soft blooming or no makeup.
  • Natural color hair.
  • Primarily vintage clothes.
  • Handmade accessories, art, and designs.
  • Nature-based and floral elements.

Cottagecore Color Palette

  • Light Green Foliage
  • Gray of natural stones
  • Brown for wood and deep forest
  • Light yellow for straws
  • Pastel and bright colors for flowers

We’ve made some color palettes for you to bring you some new ideas for your Cottagecore look.

1_Cottagecore Color Palette - Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Guide - Orezoria Blog
2_Cottagecore Color Palette - Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Guide - Orezoria Blog
4_Cottagecore Color Palette - Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Guide - Orezoria Blog
3_Cottagecore Color Palette - Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Guide - Orezoria Blog
5_Cottagecore Color Palette - Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Guide - Orezoria Blog
6_Cottagecore Color Palette - Full Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Guide - Orezoria Blog

Cottagecore Makeup

Cottagecore Makeup should be gentle and express your natural innocence, blooming feminine look, and halcyon empathy.

Soft pink or pale pastel lips, blooming cheeks, easy tints and eyeliners.

1 Cottagecore Makeup - Cottagecore Guide - Orezoria Aesthetic Clothes Blog

There’s also an option to go deeper in Naturecore or Fairycore aesthetic with makeup experiments.
This kind of makeup experiments could shift you away from a clear Cottagecore look, but that’s ok if you love the way you look.

Cottagecore Experimental Makeup - Cottagecore Guide - Orezoria Aesthetic Clothes Blog

Cottagecore Hairstyles

Cottagecore hairstyle is something where you are, actually, free as a wind. Especially if you giving freedom to your hair. Long flowing hair is an amazing choice.

Long hair braids always look a little bit vintage, and any middle-size bobs will do nicely too.
Always build on what hairstyle you have now.

Cottagecore Hairstyles - Cottagecore Guide - Orezoria Aesthetic Blog

Natural hair color is always a win-win for a Cottagecore hairstyle, obviously. But colored hair could work if the coloring is done right. A little bit of soft-colored bangs could work. Some natural colors like green will also look nice. Semi-natural gradients may work perfectly.

Cottagecore Colored Hairstyles - Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits Guide - Orezoria Aesthetic Blog

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits Guide

Cottagecore Tops and Dresses

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Cottagecore Bottoms

Check out our Cottagecore Outfits Collection for more Cottagecore Skirts and Pants.

Cottagecore Accessories


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