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Full Soft Girl Aesthetic Guide | How To Be a Soft Girl

Soft Girl Aesthetic is absolutely a growing trend since early 2019th. The amount of social media content with the hashtag #softgirl was gigantic but as all modern aesthetics never settle and stand still – Soft Girl Aesthetic is also evolving every day, and taking a more defined shape with each influencer and each TikTok video.

If your intention is to build an amazing Soft Girl look without any bias to the side of other modern aesthetic styles then our “Soft Girl Aesthetic Guide” will surely help you.

We gathered some fascinating Soft Girl ideas for Soft Girl MakeUp, Soft Girl Hairstyles, and Soft Girl Outfits in a single ultimate guide.

But first, let’s dive in for a Soft Girl Term definition and a little bit of overview for this aesthetic.


What is a Soft Girl?

Soft Girl is a modern aesthetic style based on a tender empathy, youthful “blooming” feminine look, soft & pastel colors, and deliberate cuteness. Soft Girl is a part of a group of aesthetics called “Softie”.

Soft Girl Aesthetic is not a subculture like an EGirl Aesthetic. Soft Girl is more like a lifestyle.

Many social media influencers nowadays arguing about the origins of a Soft Girl Aesthetic.
The term “Soft Girl” itself showed off on the internet realm in early 2019. Almost every Urban Dictionary definition is also dated by 2019th.

We’ve checked, almost every article about “What is a Soft Girl” is forcing that Soft Girl Aesthetic was formed within TikTok by their influencers. But that’s not quite accurate.

Soft Girl Aesthetic was formed long ago by the 2014-era Tumblr girls, one of the biggest influences on the contemporary aesthetics movement. Within five years, from 2014th to 2019th – Tumblr’s Softcore Aesthetic & Pastel Grunge was reimagined by TikTok girls. In 2019th, the internet community combined tender blooming makeup and VSCO girl fashion style.

We can see on Google Trends that the peak of the “Soft Girl” search query was in September-October of 2019.

What is the Soft ( Softie ) Aesthetic?

A Softie is a group of aesthetics based on an explicitly blooming and youthful look with elements of delicate cuteness going for as cutesy of a look as possible. It draws a lot of parallels with Harajuku Aesthetic, but with more mellow outfits compared to how excessive some of the Harajuku looks tend to get.

Softie groups contain Soft Girl Aesthetic, Dark Soft Girl Aesthetic, Soft Boy Aesthetic, Babycore & Babygirl Aesthetic, and Pastel Grunge.

What is the Soft - Softie - Aesthetic

Soft Girl Aesthetic Guide. How To Be a Soft Girl?

Soft Girl Basics

  • Gentle and bright mindset.
  • Youthful “baby-quality” blush makeup.
  • Pastel colors such as pink, blue, white and cream, peach, yellow, etc.
  • Soft Color Tops, Pinafores, Plaid Skirts, Light Wash Denim, Oversized sweaters, Tied up cardigans
  • White & Soft Color Shoes

How to Make a Soft Girl Makeup

The important core point of any Soft Girl look is youthful & blooming makeup.
“Baby Quality” – These words should slip from your gentle lips when you look at yourself.

Blush nose and cheekbones playing as an indication of youth and emotionality.
Overplaying with it may be crucial and slide you toward another aesthetic, BUT deficiency of this base will break the foundation of Soft Girl style.

Also, Eyeliner here isn’t a necessity but may greatly improve your overall soft girl look.

Let us show you some examples.

Blush nose and cheekbones Soft Girl MakeUp:

Blush nose and cheekbones Soft Girl Aesthetic MakeUp

Some creative and a little bit edgy Soft Girl makeup ideas if you’re aiming for a Kidcore, Kawaii, or more EGirl vibes:

Creative and a little bit edgy Soft Girl makeup ideas if you're aiming for a Kidcore, Kawaii, or more EGirl vibe

Soft Girl Hairstyles Ideas

Speaking of Soft Girl Hairstyles – If we’ll check Instagram for the hashtag #softgirl we’ll find that most of the girls are with natural hair colors. That’s actually the thin line between a Soft Girl Aesthetic and other aesthetics like EGirl, Kidcore, Pastel Grunge, etc. But…
There are no rules. Experiment with your hairstyles as much as you want as long as it fits your look. That’s the main concept in every aesthetic.

Check out our vast EGirl Hairstyles Guide. Therefore it’s an EGirl Guide,  you can still find helpful tips for aesthetic hairstyles and which one is best for your face type and overall look.

Soft Girl Hairstyles Ideas

Also, take a glance at our Wigs and Hair Accessories collection.

Soft Girl Aesthetic Tops and T-Shirts

Soft Girl Aesthetic Bottoms

Soft Girl Aesthetic Accessories

Soft Girl Aesthetic Shoes

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