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Types of Aesthetic Clothes and Beauty Styles in 2021

2021 is colored with all sorts of newborn aesthetic clothes styles. Unbelievable variety for every taste and every style. The previous year definitely made a final touch for an EGirl and Soft Girl Aesthetic, as well as the peak for the Cottagecore search query was in November 2020. The same thing goes for Dark Academia, Light Academia, Indie Aesthetic, and Kidcore – which both grew a new audience and affected the overall aesthetic internet community.

We’ve gathered some basic information for the top types of Aesthetic Clothes and beauty styles to look up for in 2021.


EGirl Aesthetic

EGirl Aesthetic Clothes - Outfits Types - Orezoria Blog

EGirl Aesthetic style is, undeniably, a decade fashion bomb. Blooming youthful type that merged with EGirl aesthetic clothes and creative aesthetic hairstyles making an outstanding and hot look. In the modern age of streaming services and the growth of TikTok, this is a win-win aesthetic outfits choice.

Soft Girl Aesthetic

Soft Girl Aesthetic Clothes - Outfits Types - Orezoria Blog

Soft Girl Aesthetic or Softie Aesthetic style is becoming more defined in 2021. Latest mid-year trends in Instagram and TikTok are showing that Soft Girl Aesthetic Clothes and Accessories that influencers use to build their soft girl outfits became more minimalistic, feminine, and separated from cross-aesthetics mixes and experiments.

Indie Aesthetic

Indie Aesthetic Clothes - Outfits Types - Orezoria Blog

The increased growth of a new wave of amazing indie bands and psychedelic rock musicians in the past three years grew the new types of aesthetic styles like Surf Aesthetic and Indie Kid Aesthetic. It greatly affected the demand of the aesthetic internet community for Indie clothes and accessories. Hashtags #indieaesthetic and #indiekid on Instagram are growing with amazing aesthetic clothes experiments.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothes - Outfits Types - Orezoria Blog

Cottagecore aesthetic is the new moon and stars in the modern aesthetic field, that’s for sure. Absolutely lovely and tender aesthetic. We definitely advise you to check it out, there’s surely a place in your heart for Cottagecore. The boom of Cottagecore aesthetic clothes in 2020 created some new and interesting aesthetics like Goblincore and Naturecore.

Dark Academia Aesthetic

Dark Academia Aesthetic Clothes - Outfits Types - Orezoria Blog

Another star of 2020, the Dark Academia Aesthetic is something mysterious and subtle at the same time.
Dark Academia Outfits became more shaped and defined in 2021. There’s plenty of dark academia clothes ideas, guides, and overall tutorials on Pinterest. You can even find guides on how to design your room in Dark Academia style. People who are getting into this aesthetic usually changing their whole life around it. And we can understand why. Dark Academia is astonishing.

Harajuku Aesthetic

Harajuku Aesthetic Clothes - Outfits Types - Orezoria Blog

Never dying Harajuku Aesthetic is always a thing. Visual Kei and Yami Kawaii are undeniably always-growing trends. Many TikTok influencers are implementing Harajuku aesthetic clothes and accessories in their aesthetic look to make their videos more colorful and interesting. Harajuku fashion elements are also used for experimenting with other aesthetics. Kidcore, basically, is Harajuku elements used in Indie Aesthetic.

Witch Aesthetic

Witch Aesthetic Clothes - Witchcore - Outfits Types - Orezoria Blog

Another growing trend in 2021 is Witch Aesthetic (Witchcore). The dark vibes of Witch Aesthetic were always the point of interest for many, and the darkest desire for some. The latest growth of Cottagecore Aesthetic and the great trend of an EGirl Aesthetic has definitely increased the favor for Witchcore.
It’s always hot and deadly.

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