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What is an EGirl? Outstanding History of EGirl Aesthetic

What is an eGirl?

EGirl” or “E-Girl” – is the new form of youth aesthetic subculture that is built around online persona and her/his (EBoy) social media presence. It was notably popularized by TikTok Dance Memes, Twitch Streamers, and Youtube Vloggers at the end of 2019. EGirl term made its long way from the internet insult to an aesthetic movement which is basically an evolved Tumblr Aesthetic style with a collide of Grunge Fashion and Emo Alternative style.

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Beside outfits and dance memes – Egirl aesthetic is more importantly represent the ever-current Generation Z vibe.

Since the late 60s, each generation has had its own vision on this kind of aesthetic subculture which is, in our case, in 2020, known as an EGirl.

In the late 70s, there were Grunge and British Punks in destroyed band tees sprinkled with pins. A decade of protest and self-expression.

In the 80s, this movement faced the post-punk and goth girls and global changes in fashion around the world.

The 90s was a unique time. Internet, Raves, Electronic Music, Retro Anime and etc…
Everything has made its own touch on a teen’s aesthetic culture and the whole world fashion.

In the 2000s there were pop-punk, alternative, emo, and skater girls who were listened to the Used and forging modern internet culture movements.

Then there was Tumblr with Pale Grunge and Pastel Goth girls, driven by music and artworks of the previous cultural waves.

Now, it’s the generation of the EGirls, with a bloomy “baby-quality” makeup, black hearts stamps on the cheekbones, aesthetic clothing, and your own modern way through the life and the internet.

For a fresh impression of the ever-evolving EGirl look – check out #egirl on Instagram with more than 2,5 million posts.

But to truly understand the EGirl aesthetic we need to dive back to the early 2010s.

EGirl Definition

“EGirl” is a shortened version of “Electronic Girl”, just like an “e-mail” that is perfect to ear abbreviation for “electronic mail”. Letter “E” here, also, was tightly tied-in because of 2010’s Tumblr memes about well-known web browser “Internet Explorer” and it’s Vaporwave vibe.

Just take a look at this and you’ll get it:

Internet Explorer Logo Icon Soft Pink Tumblr Style What is an EGirl Outstanding History of eGirl Aesthetic Orezoria Blog
Internet Explorer Logo Icon Vaporwave Style What is an EGirl Outstanding History of eGirl Aesthetic Orezoria Blog

EGirl definition made a complex and long way to present. What is an EGirl, you ask? Who are they?
Firstly – EGirl was an insult…

The oldest definition on Urban Dictionary is from 2009 and it describes EGirl is someone who is “always after the D.” and “very online” women.

All definitions before 2017 are preserving the same idea – portrayal of women who invades modern male spaces (the internet and video games) with mercantile and selfish goals – by being sexy.

First half of 2019 brought a few game-changing events…

TikTok EGirls

Early 2019, right after TikTok have launched in the US – it has won a lot of Alt Teens’ attention all over the country. Colored hair teens, with grunge chain accessories, aesthetic outfits, and baby-quality makeups, started to attain in TikTok challenges and Dance videos. All users began describing each other and themselves as Egirls and Eboys and it has changed the term forever.

That’s where the “EGirl Factory Meme” has born.

Videos where someone accidentally drinks Egirl juice or get pulled into Egirl factory room and reappears as a person dressed in striped long sleeve tees with another grunge t-shirt on top, dyed hair pigtails or a bob, scarlet nose and cheeks makeup, and lots of grunge accessories. Of course, all of this is set to music with dance moves that involve hip-swaying and robot arms.

TikTok memes have led to the acceptance of the term “EGirl” by the mainstream lexicon as an appearance and some form of visual aesthetic.

Check out how 2019’s and 2020’s EGirl video compilations have drastically changed:

That’s where an EGirl converted from a term to an aesthetic.

Eve Frsr, YouTube Vlogger – has strongly influenced the internet community with her amazing EGirl How To’s about makeup and outfits ideas.

Eve Frsr Fraser EGirl MakeUp and EGirl Hair - What is an eGirl Outstanding History of eGirl - Aesthetic Orezoria Blog

One of the most known worldwide EGirls – Belle Delphine has drawn attention to an EGirl Aesthetic by trolling an internet community. Her selling of GamerGirl Bath Water was met with controversy, media coverage, and Internet memes, which lead the whole internet community to focus on an EGirl.
In a July 2019 interview with The Guardian, Kirschner stated, “I’m lucky. I can do crazy things and get to see the world react to it.

Her actions somehow have flattened the EGirl definition from an insult to literal and comedic specifications.


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


bath water??

Публикация от kittybelledelphine (@belle.delphiny)


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от kittybelledelphine (@belle.delphiny)

By the way, huge attention to the EGirl aesthetic was driven by Ahegao photos and using this expression in TikTok and Instagram.

According to an article from adult gaming site Nutaku, ahegao in combination with the peace sign became an Internet meme in Japan, known as “ahegao double peace” (アヘ顔ダブルピース). In 2018, Belle Delphine drew coverage from various media outlets for her Instagram modeling which often featured her ahegao expressions.

Mary-Belle Kirschner Belle Delphine Selling Bath Water - What is an eGirl Outstanding History of eGirl - Aesthetic Orezoria Blog

Another important but incredibly sad event has happened on the 14 of Jule, 2019.
Teen from Utica, New York – Bianca Devins was killed by a man she met through a gaming app.

Her tragic fate has started a huge wave of articles from mainstream online media worldwide.
Almost everywhere Bianca was described as an EGirl.
With Pink bob hair, grunge tees, chain belts, black and white striped long sleeve.


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


junko pose part 2

Публикация от bianca ⚖️ (@escty)

Every Article, Vlog, Tumblr post, TikTok Video, and Imageboards’ opinion lead us into the moment where the EGirl from a simple term, like a butterfly chrysalis, became an aesthetic subculture.

So What is an EGirl?
The cherry on top of 2020.

Want to know How to be an EGirl?

Then check out the second part of our extended EGirl Guideline where we will focus on building EGirl Style and offering some EGirl Outfits Ideas for you.

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